Jason Shah chatting with attendees after the meet up

How to land a PM Job #notes

Yammer’s Jason Shah’s talk at the HTLAPMJ meetup yesterday was aaaaah-mazing. He definitely kill’t it by packing the conversation with useful tidbits about what’s it like to be a PM at a top tier company, what he looks for when hiring a PM and a nice helping of quick & dirty case think-thrus.

If you get people to use a product more, come back more often & tell more people about it, u’re doing something right. – Jason S.

But here’s the coolest part of the talk (outside of meeting some awesome fellow product lovers of course)… He stayed for an hour after to chat with a swarm of us eager beavers clamoring for knowledge and advice. That says a lot about a person’s character, jus sayin’.

David & Ritu the masterminds that put the whole shindig together were equally amazing. A great time all around. Here’s a collection of the links Jason mentioned in his talk as well as the slides he used.

  1. +How to land a job in Product Management slides by Jason Shah
  2. +What distinguishes the Top 1% of Product Managers from the Top 10%? by Ian McAllister
  3. +AARRR! Startup metrics for pirates by Dave McClure (There’s a video too!)
  4. +Scaling Agile @ Spotify
  5. +Why did infinite scroll fail at Etsy?
  6. +Product Teardowns: not a lot of good resources here but Jackie B. has some good advice. Someone needs to build a good framework for this! Any volunteers?
  7. +A massive collection of good PM resources by Jason Shah


If I missed anything let me know or add it in a comment!

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  1. +A massive collection of good PM resources by Jason Shah

    the last link points to Scaling Agile @ Spotify. is that right?

    • Good catch Mark. Its been corrected! Thanks! Are you a part of the productlovers meetup group?

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