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The tech-in-motion UX/UI meet up last night was packed. With almost 400 people in the room the place was abuzz with nerd energy or perhaps just “buzzed” energy. There happened to be a lot of free wine and beer courtesy of Jon & Ciara and the rest of the folks at Jobspring/Workbridge. Now that I’m *mostly* recovered from the open bar, I’ve decided to put together some notes for anyone that missed the event.

The first speaker was Brady Sammons. A multitalented front-end force of nature that helped bring enthu.se to life. A product similar to FanSpree, a fan-engagement platform, my team and I conceptualized in late 2010.

Write up to 2x less code with CSS preprocessing. Lesscss.org is easier to pick up than Sass. -Brady S.

Brady gave a really detailed presentation on CSS preprocessing. He covered the essentials, introducing the audience to Less and Sass. Awesome languages that allow you to do more with less code; up to two times less! based on the live example he demoed. Both languages have nifty features like functions and other abstractions that save you time when coding. (He has generously shared the sample code. See zip file at end of this post).

Kai Brunner’s presentation was about design culture. He used humor and clever visuals to illustrate his point. I’ll update this post with a link to it if he decides to share it.

We live in a world that is designed. Whether it is deliberate or not. Decide the design culture you will be. -Kai B.

Overall, the speakers worked really hard to deliver good content. But, the meet up  title implied a larger focus on cutting edge user experience trends so it’s understandable a lot of attendees, including myself, were not expecting a “coding or organizational structure how-to”.

Overall a solid effort to provide value. I’m sure Jon and Ciara will iterate on the event and put on something even more awesome next time.

Links & Questions

Introduction to CSS preprocessing [slides] by Brady Sammons
Sample code for CSS preprocessing: Sass vs Less [Zip] by Brady Sammons
Q: Best resource for Less documentation / community? Lesscss.org
Q: How do you debug Less/Sass? painfully. a lot of ctrl + f
Q: How do you convert code from Sass to Less: Online converter (does anyone know what this is or have a github link?)

morepttrns.com splash

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